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Native of Queens NY, Dantanna S. Vegas relocated to Richmond Va. at a young age, he developed his love for music naturally as he comes from a musical background. Dantanna started writing at the age of 16 and what started as a hobby turned into a necessity. Dantanna previously known as E Honors or Garron T decided to take the Independent route establishing himself and proving his skills as an artist worthy of being remembered. He gets his inspiration from a lot of the 90's rappers like the late great Notorious Biggie Smalls who had a major influence on his decision to pursuit music as a career, Nas, Fabolous, Lox and many more are also on the list. He finds the story of Hip-Hop very intriguing yet inviting his 1st mixtape project as an independent artist titled "Long Live The Dealer" has everyone who hears it  wanting to hear more.

Stay Tuned

Where the name "Dantanna Vegas" came from?

He was watching 1978 TV show "Vegas" there was a  Private Investigator named "Dan Tana", putting it all together he came up with Dantanna Vegas who as a independent rap artist is a cross breed between lyricist and goon rap with a New York/ Richmond Virginia flair


—  Name, Title

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