Its the 1st musician ever to create a smash hit with Obama. A Black History Classic Masterpiece, by Rasheem (Sizzles) Johnson. An upcoming young Black Independent business owner, icon, future mogul, and entrepreneur. Born and raised by his single mother Novella in Harlem NYC, hello Planet Earth, Rapper, Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Copyrights owner, free agent ghost writer and music publisher, via ASCAP, CEO, Founder & Chairman of Swaura (pfmt) Enterprises. The new global Hip Hop urban culture movement, Swaura-Swag plus Aura equals Swaura, the name the trademark, the brand, the meaning, the movement by yours truly Rasheem (Sizzles) Johnson. Swaura merchandise coming soon to a city near you.
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Favorite Quote by Sizzles "I Own My Own Masters L
ike Nipsey Do" #Swaura
For all features, bookings, endorsements, tv/movie roles, commercials, computers, EA sports, video game placements, film, trailers, ads, soundtracks, all placements and feature opportunities etc., contact selfmadesizzles1@gmail.com
"True Colors" The Obama tribute featuring Barack Obama, written, produced and published by Rasheem (Sizzles) Johnson, track produced and engineered by Ovidio Demorizi, available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, also YouTube Music 
Ride my wave, featuring Henny The Don, produced and published Rasheem (Sizzles) Johnson, Beat produced by Von Summers, track engineered by Ovidio Demorizi, available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, also YouTube Music and megamusicmanagement.com/sizzles
Thanks for all your love and support towards the direction of independent talent, Peace & Love Always, God Bless

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